Ideas shape the world. In this blog I’ll try to explore new ideas. I’ll try to merge existing ideas or to just put them together and watch what’s going to emerge out of it.

I have some preferred sources to collect new ideas and get inspired:

  • Wired Magazine US and Wired Magazine UK. There claim goes „Ideas – Technology – Design – Business“. This sounds trulyinspiring to me. I have a paper subscription of both editions. They look pretty amazing in my bookshelves.
  • Good Magazine – for people who give a damn. Well, I’ll give a damn for this magazine. Each issue is a pleasure to read.
  • Yes Magazine – Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions. Even though I am not really into practical application – I sure love powerful ideas!

Well, tell me if this is of any interest for you.

If not, I will either stop writing or you have to stop reading.

…whichever applies first…

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